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Range 40 - 60 | Male

Industry Niches

‣ Narration
‣ Commercial
‣ Documentaries
‣ Educational
‣ Corporate Training

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Commercial Demo

Vocal Description

Low-key corporate, with a soft touch, a hardware store feel, and a bit of an edge.

Approachable • Engaging
Gracious • Winsome • Deep
Comfortable • Intelligent

Meet Jim

Having grown up amid the urban sprawl of northwest Iowa, Jim relocated to Boston years ago, where he has been the voice on his own phone, and the voice of the Harvard President’s Office. He continues to do voice work that carries content, thoughtfulness, integrity, and maybe even some humor.

And... you’ll enjoy working with him.

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email Jim@JimWigdahl.com
phone (617) 780 - 7119
location Boston

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Contact Information

email Jim@JimWigdahl.com
phone (617) 780-7119
location Boston