Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Now, from the Leave Me Alone Department...

What if our accountability to Truth is proportional to our present and increasing knowledge of it?  In other words, am I (or how could I possibly be) accountable to something of which I'm not aware?  And/Or, with increasing awareness am I increasingly accountable?

In terms of current American law, this from my Harvard College, Yale Law School, and US State Department attorney friend (a very smart guy who, honestly, struggles with his wedges):  "Basically, there's a saying...   that ignorance of the law is no defense.  That may not be the fairest scenario (in a given case), but no legal system would work in which you had to prove that someone knew they were breaking the law.  Therefore the courts will not accept an ‘ignorance defense’." 

So, drat...   that doesn't bode well for ignorance of the Truth as well.  Our guy might be up a creek in his unknowing of Truth, but let's plug along.

Big surprise that early in my Christian experience I was deeply troubled by the prospect that every person is "lost" who has not "trusted in Jesus Christ", even if that person had never heard the Christian message and in fact grew up in a completely different religious tradition.  I was often told, "Nope, it doesn't matter, they're lost."  I no longer believe that, largely because it seems to me the Church* does not in fact teach it.

And yet, does the Church speak of an urgency?  I believe that she does.  It is perhaps one thing to be unaware of the Gospel of Christ.  It seems to me another thing entirely to encounter that message in fragments or full-frame over the course of one's life and conclude that it carries no urgency.  Would that conclusion in fact be the leap of a wise man or of a fool?  I guess one day we'll find out.

My present persuasion:  To the degree that one is aware of the possibility that Jesus Christ died on a cross for the sins of humanity (perhaps even yours and mine), to that same degree one is accountable to that information.  And if this is so, I wonder if a fellow should strive to be aware of as little as possible in this regard.  And he should also hope it's not a problem that he just read this...

*  The Roman Catholic Church, to which I now belong.