A Final Prejudice

I had a device implanted under my skull at birth, and it's been developing in sophistication and simplicity over the course of my life.  I think it's still updating, although it requires rebooting on occasion.  A few years ago I thought it was giving me gas, but then even I figured out that my systems are sufficiently separate that there would be no linkage.  I do experience a random tic and twitch now and then, but those could just as easily be caused by the Vikings never winning the Super Bowl.

The device monitors and measures deflection and absorption.  

The deflections are those moments when I quickly assign responsibility and/or fault to another.  (Often involving my brother, who when outfitted with the sandwich board advertising our hot dog stand, refused to walk down main street and instead hid on the north side of the hardware store so we couldn't see what he was doing.  As I recall, his efforts produced no customers).  The deflections represent an urge or need to locate cause and liability outside of myself.  In short, the world is broken because of others, not because of me.  My deflection meter regularly bumps into the red, but I recalibrate as I go so as to generally sleep well at night.

Absorption is its own sweet beast.  My device monitors the approach of power and honor, and the readiness with which these are absorbed into my system. (In my case a significant value-free bump on the meter as well).  The valve near the device generally remains in the full-open position to allow generous passage, and the substances frequently travel from my noggin directly to the heart, and then throughout my bloodstream as they nourish further growth.  I’m reminded of previous opiate experiences, but I trust that these infusions carry the stuff of virtue and will without fail be at the disposal of the common good.

My parents never gave me an owner’s manual for this thing, but I came across a late 1950s research proposal entitled “A Final Prejudice:  The Examined Life”  that spoke of the gadget.  I’m just a regular Joe/Jim, and I can only hope that I’ve done my small part for science.  Mine may be decidedly micro rather than macro evidences, but that's for those gifted to conclude.  (Did someone mention linkage?).  I’m just trying to live with my device.