I Am You

Crap.  (A modest, yet serviceable, midwestern expletive).  

I had nearly bought it…   no, really…   the notion that mine are the unique thoughts of the day.  That novel constructions are “par for the course” for me.  That surely no one (at least so far this millennium) has wrapped his or her mind around the personal insights with which I amaze myself daily and occasionally proffer to the public free of charge.  No ordinary speculations, these.  I trust you’ve been impressed.  But now lately my private insight yacht has been taking on the reflective water of others and I’m being forced to shore to reconsider.  Which is a drag.  Sort of.

Because there is an odd solace in a mirrored discovery.  I carry the silly disappointment that not only do others share my thoughts, they are very possibly well out in front of them.  But now too I see, the musings of others are likely mine as well.  And isn’t that curious?  And potentially bothersome.  I mean, if no one carries within himself unique considerations then there is everywhere to be and nowhere to hide.  How completely liberating.  And how wonderfully disturbing.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

For example:  How could you and I have a conversation about God that is not entirely shaped by our fears, assumptions, and personal histories?  In other words, over that beer, could we have a "free" discussion, a talk into which we don't immediately inject our favorite pet peeves or unexamined certainties?  You know what I'm talking about.  Because you are me.  And I am you.  And you and I are both without novel thoughts.  So why don't we lay down our God-damned (which they may literally be) defenses and discuss what could ultimately be matters of great urgency?  Respect me, listen to me, and challenge me, and I will show you the same courtesy.  And bring some decent jokes if you have them.  Who knows, we may discover not that which we’re inclined to believe, but perhaps that which is in fact true to believe, if it can possibly be known.  And isn't that what we're drinking about?