Question Two

If the capital "T" Truth could be known, would you want to know it, regardless of what it might ask of you in terms of commitment or moral choices?

Would that I would.  I consciously and no doubt subconsciously organize my trajectory through life along a path of personal comfort and least resistance.  A search for Truth might tax what I imagine are my sheltered investments.  It might lay bare my inner life.  Given that, I'm sure a great deal of my avoidance could simply be attributed to sheer laziness, and any personal coach would early on address the question of work ethic:  get off your butt, practice your piano, finish that paper, make those phone calls, increase your reps.  But how could I honor all the admonitions of a motivational speaker and apply all the principles of "successful people" toward maximizing my experience of life and yet not face squarely the prospect of a larger, maybe even very large, Truth?  Am I simply unwilling to work hard to find it, or is there more going on within my ambivalence?  

There certainly is no shortage these days of commitment to and sacrifice for numerous causes.  And what college applicant today will be taken seriously by the Ivies or other universities if she or he hasn't already demonstrated a serious commitment to public service?  People are surely working hard on many important things.  But among all of these honorable activities that we're engaged in is there in each of us also a deliberate turning from or a passive disregard for ultimate questions?  Or if we do engage them, is it often merely for sport, for comic relief, or for the protection of personal, academic, or cultural turf, my grab bag of straw men and convenient caricatures at the ready?  

Or if I hold to a "truth" is it of my own design?  A world view that both includes and excludes only those elements I choose, for fear that an actual Truth may take me where I do not wish to go?  What dark things here are exposed in me?  Those I hope will never be brought to light?  If there is a Truth in the world, a Truth that perhaps even extends out along, beyond, and between both foul lines and into space and through time, how could it be that I would have no interest in it or demonstrate no resolve in the pursuit of it?   Is there something in us that is set against an honest, robust, even reckless pursuit of what might be out there in the Truth department?  And why is that not a foolish posture to maintain?  Do I presume there is no urgency in the search?  Who says it's not urgent?   And indeed, might it also be a matter of tools?   Would I even dare to employ humility in the quest?  Will we allow all instruments to be utilized and all rooms to be inspected?  Or are we determined to search for quarks in a petri dish?