An UnBlog

Questions on Life, Death, God, and Occasionally Deeper Stuff

A few years ago I launched a blog and posted essays rather frequently — at least every year and a half or so...   But as I plugged along it occurred to me that there was something I wasn’t getting at.  An itch I wasn’t scratching.  Something more than just the work of writing posts that readers would find thoughtful or entertaining.  And I realized after a time that my blogging — and it seems most blogging — is largely an exercise in passive first and third-person engagement, and that’s what I’ve grown tired of.  So I’ve veered off, and here we are, in active second-person engagement.  As in, what do YOU think?

My story in brief:  I grew up in a small midwestern town, ended up in Boston in my twenties, and spent thirty years there, almost that entire time working in various administrative roles in the university world.  I’ve been a “believer” since my youth, and by choice in 2013 became a Catholic convert.  The years since in that regard have been a blend of substance, inspiration, and discouragement — that last one largely because of the recent scandals in the Church.  And yet, oddly enough, I think it makes sense to stick around.  In fact, I believe this is the perfect time to remain or become a Catholic.  You’ll get a front row seat in seeing how all this plays out.  That’s my take.  Your mileage may vary.  And by the way, I also got married for the first time when I was fifty-two.  Smartest thing I ever did.  My Cynthia is my treasure and my delight.  I would marry her a thousand times more.

So, what’s this List thing?

Well, it occurred to me after turning sixty that very soon I’m going to be dead.  Now, that could be three days from now or thirty years, but did you happen to notice how quickly the last thirty years went by?  So I’ve decided to spend whatever time I have left trying to find out what the questions of life might be, and then ask them...     directly, graciously, and relentlessly.  And “The List” on this site is simply the ever-growing result of that search.

If you’re interested in probing any of these, please contact me.  I spend a lot of time with myself, so I pretty quickly get tired of hearing myself talk. Also, I’m not particularly interested in my own opinions any longer, so I’d love to puzzle over these questions with you.  I may not be able to offer more than conversation via email or phone, but I would like to do that much.  It could be a good time.  And just for the record, you won’t find a combox or any social media buttons on my site, because you and I are having a private conversation.  No one else is invited.

And a further note on the questions:  Overall I’m trying to get at the nature of Truth and our pursuit of it.  These are not academic questions as such, just human questions.  Some are simple and direct, and don’t seem to invite conversation, but perhaps they do.  Each may be just a line that becomes a sketch that becomes a painting.  They might also touch as much on attitude and inclination as they do on substance.  Matters of the heart as well as the mind, if not more so at times.  Anyway...   have a look.

So, hello Brooklyn...    hello Topeka...    Billings...    Des Moines...    Portland...    Sarasota...    Austin...    Los Angeles...     Come in, over...

Also, we currently reside in the Monterey, CA area.  So if you’re in the neighborhood, I have a driveway, a folding chair, and a beer waiting for you.